F I N A L S!

2 1/2 weeks of school left. and 1 week of finals. yet i find myself taking my time to study. taking my time meaning: watching t.v., playing w/ riley, and cleaning the house. pretty much...STALLING. even posting on this blog i should be reading my marketing book. the final in that class is accumulative. geez. i'm not stressed though. well, at least not yet. i have to do a play all in hawaiian. i was chosen to be the main character. so i have several lines in hawaiian to memorize. on top of that we have exit interviews, and a take home final...all for hawaiian. the rest of my finals will be textbook. i've been doing well so far. so hopefully i can keep it up for the upcoming tests.

anyway, it's about 10:10pm, i'm listening to REASONS by EARTH, WIND, AND FIRE. i can't get enough of them. chris and riley are knocked out. they always sleep first. i'm left still awake supposed to be studying..but i just watch riley sleeping. nothing new has popped up in my life. same ol stuff.

blah blah blah. i need to study.....