summer & fall registration status: PAU!

tim 305: T-F 9AM-11AM

rel 383: M-F 9-1015
tim 420: MWF 1-330
tim 300: NO CLASS TIME, 20pg paper & ppt presentation

tim 321: W/F 1030-1145
tim 350: T/TH 9-1015
tim 369n: W/F 9-1015
tim 431 (capstone): W/F 130P-245P

i can't believe the Lord has allowed me to come this far. however, lately i feel like all i've been thinking about is school: homework, registration, graduation. everything else has been slipping; my health, sleeping patterns, time for myself, time for God. i know right now things are not balanced. half of the battle is recognizing the problem. i've got faith though. i need to set my priorities straight. though school is shouldn't be #1. it's stressful. i feel as if i can't do anything until school is over. that shouldn't be right though. there needs to be some balance.
so..i'm definitely going to stop talking about school..

riley is so funny. when it's time to sleep he likes to sleep in bed w/ chris and me. so i try to put him at the edge of the bed. but he always ALWAYS fits his way in between us. pretty much taking up the whole bed. he lies down like a HUMAN. he puts his head on the pillow, and lies on his back. it's so freakin cutE! he's such a punk!

i'm starting to see that enterprise rent-a-car may not be the right position i liked to take. i really love human resources. i can't get enough of it. when i used to work at century theaters i did a little bit of the hiring and training, i would love to get into that a little more. there is a master's program in HRM @ manoa. i want to work for a little bit and i'll probably..PROBABLY get into that. whatever the lord wills for me. well..time for another website...until next time.....