I am so damn proud of myself for this semester. First of all the C is comparable to an A for marketing. This teacher, DEXTER CHOY, is known as the hardest teacher in the TIM school. My fellow classmates and me worked our butts off for this C. I know I worked my butt off period. One thing that sucks, I he's my professor for my capstone class next semester!! But, I can't wait for next semester to try and raise my grade some more. I know I can do it. I sound like and after school special..but my grades used to be totally WHACK! on my own, having to pay bills, work 25-30 hour weeks, and going to school full-time is nothing but the Lord's doing. Let me boast for just a second. YES!

Well, this week I decided to work A LOT! I liked it though because I was busy and I didn't spend any money. This weekend is Chris' Birthday and I spit out $140 for the hotel room for his party. It's ok though, on Valentine's Day, he did the same for me. He's so excited, he's inviting all his cooking buddies, and family. Riley is getting so independent. When we go to the dog park, he used to stay really close to us. Now he's getting water by himself, following the dogs up the hills, and not looking back. It's so cute. I get sad though when I call him and he doesn't come. Must be how my parents feel sometimes. But..he's gotta grow up right?! He plays well w/ the dogs. There's this one puppy who's bigger than him, STEELER. Steeler does not know how to play AT ALL! He bites Riley's neck, which I don't mind w/ other dogs, but Steeler bites so hard. I don't think he knows his own strength. It's so funny though, when Riley is getting attacked, the bigger dogs for some reason always come to protect him. I LOVE IT!

There has been so much drama at work. Hopefully no one from enterprise will read this. My Area Manager is sleeping w/ my co-worker. The twist is, HE'S MARRIED! Now he's getting transferred to another branch. AND! My coworker (we'll call her L) was supposedly getting together w/ my other co-worker (C), but all in all we think it was just a setup to throw everyone off. But now everyone knows and no one is taking my manager and L seriously. I'm glad I'm not in the middle of this one. A lot of the managers are worried because this situation may interfere w/ their careers and promotions. CRAZINESS!! Oh! I won a 3-night stay at the Imperial Waikiki from my work. It was an intern contest. We had to write a short essay about what we've done for the company customer service wise. All the interns at my office are pretty new. Only one other intern has been there as long as me. Everyone's essays SUCKED! They were too long, and pretty much sucking up to all the managers. No one talked about what they've personally done for the company. Everyone else's was super long, mine was only 3 paragraphs; short and to the point. so..yey for me!

I'm so glad it's Friday. I'm awake really early though. All my alarm clocks go off at about 6:30am and I don't change that on the weekends, so I end up getting up anyway. I don't really mind, it's quiet in the morning, I get to listen to the birds and the sun shines directly on to the golf course through my window. I get to have a peaceful morning to read my bible, pray, and update things like this blog. =) I've been really wanting to go to the beach, but Chris said it's still not safe. A lot of my friends say it's not safe either. Yesterday, I was outside in the heat ALL DAY! doing returns at work. I really wanted to just go swimming, but the waters may still be infected. A lot of my customers said that they've been going in the water. But who knows!?! I don't want to risk it.

i start school next week Tuesday. It's only one class, but it's FINANCE-yuck! I heard it's hard. I hate accounting! Good thing the class is only 4 weeks long and 3 days a week. =)

until next time...signing off.