it's easier to just agree

why is it so difficult for me to make decisions? why is it so hard for me to just trust my own judgement? maybe because i've been judged my whole life and therefore i'd just rather go along with what everyone else is doing. it's just easier. i hate arguing. i hate drama. there is no reason for me to argue. if it's not life threatening then..why even bother? forget all that business about standing up for yourself and standing on your own. i'm happy either way.

in other news ..i'll about twitter..facebook..digg..etc. i am online guru and i think i always have been. for some reason i just left it because i thought it was a huge waste of time. but i enjoy doing things like this. adding things to my profile..updating..learning about random things. it's fun.

i think i'll be taking a class in photoshop as well. i would love to take a writing class as well. i have plenty of words-but i'd like to know how to group them in a way where it makes sense. i want to reach deep down and find the creativeness that i was born with and actually use it. i feel that i have a lot of creative energy-but i just don't know what to do with it. experience different ways of applying it will be just the way to find out.