no plans

it's tuesday-nothing's on tv. i didn't go to the gym. so-i've decided to get on my to-do list and start on my vlog. how, where, when, what...just dip my toes in it right now. do some research. so..the 'where'. well that's easy-for now-i will do it on blogger until i can find some website to host it. the 'when'---whenever i feel like it. it could be everyday, or every week. at the very least-it will be every week. now the hardest party-the 'what'. anything interesting going on. opinions i have to express or just something new. i primarily will focus on anything that i'm interested in. snowboarding. music. reality television. books. quotes. poems. events. etc. whatever's interesting to me, hopefully someone out there will think it's interesting too. goodluck to me. any suggestions-feel free to comment.