so a question that my roommate and i had a discussion about is: "why can't we remember a night of drinking?" or "why do we act the way we do as individuals when we have had too much to drink?" it sucks that there are times we can spend our whole pay checks for a night of fun, just to not remember it the next day. but maybe this is just life's lesson: "STOP DRINKIN!" my generation is so wrapped up in partying, drinking, and needing a break on the weekends, that sitting down and relaxing is out of the question. if you listen to current songs on the radio-there isn't one song that does not talk about alcohol or getting drunk. does our generation work that hard that we need a drink every weekend? is the amount of work we do manual labor? most of us have pretty easy jobs-sitting at a desk in an air conditioned office talking and playing on our touch screen 3g phones for 8-10 hours per day-5 days a week. we get a pretty decent paycheck for a single man/woman living at home with our parents. we are able to fill our closets with the latest fashions, go on weekend trips, and buy $40-50 worth of alcohol every weekend. we eat right and very well. however, we have been spoiled and are now taking advantage of these luxuries. i have to admit, i'm no angel. i have been spoiled myself and the reason i speak on this is because i am a victim of it. but the whole reason we live this way is because generations before us once said that they want a better life for their children. so why must we be blamed for what we have today. why must we feel shame for getting what we want, and probably don't deserve. but just as our parents worked hard for us, we will work hard for our children and hope for a better day than our's. yes, we are given too much. yes, we do take advantage of everything we have. however, it is up to the wise ones to show that we are thankful and that we are willing to work for what we earn. so back to my original topic-why do we get drunk? because WE CAN! so back up off me.