the gift of presence

when i 'say i understand', i really do
when i look at you in your eyes, i am really listening
when i argue, i feel that you are challenging me
when i agree, you have won
when i nod my head, i am listening intently
when i ask you a question, i am intrigued by your intelligence
when there are no words, i am content with you
when i say i feel what i feel, that is what i feel
when i speak my mind, i am simply expressing myself, not imposing
when i am angry, it's because i am convicted
when i say, "you're right", it's because i have admitted i was wrong

when we as a people are what we are, we should be just that
do not fake it
do not be an advocate of hypocrisy
simply be
our lives are a gift from God, why don't we just live it and be thankful
i exist simply because my creator wants me to
however, it is my choice to live it
i want to learn
i want to experience
i want to feel alive
i want to feel renewed
i want to be cleansed
i want to be fearless
i want to be