the life of a rental car

i am born into this new world
given a new life
i need someone to take care of me
to treat me well
someone who will own me and take ownership of me
however, i am given away
to a place that uses me for money
they sell my body to people who abuse me
people who destroy my well-being for their own personal gain
they use me to replace what they have once called their own
only to give me up to the next
when all is said and done
my body is completely thrashed
my insides are ruined
and this place that once used me
now gives me up to an auction
where people can bid on me
strip my parts and sell those
my life is not fun
my life is an unjust journey
but i have been many places
i have seen many things
yet i would give that all up just to sit with one person
who will love me
i am.................


a rental car.

have a great day!