so...if you're like me, your tv line-up on wednesdays is jam-packed. we have american idol, top chef, america's next top model, and real world.

watching the results show for ai tonight was painful. i was about to go postal if anoop didn't make it. but come to find out-a top 13 was in place. my bff called it.

top chef was just a reunion show-but it was pretty funny to watch.

antm, what are your thoughts. chick w/ the bugged out eyes looks crazy. i love FO. she's hella cute.

real world-what can i say-it's always interesting. chester chet can get annoying at times, but he's probably asking the questions that thousands of people watching are asking.

anyway this weekend is the tattoo expo . i'm thinking of getting a small piece on my wrist. not sure just yet. maybe a verse? i gotta draw it out.