it's going to sound almost selfish
but i want to do something that i want to do
why should i feel bad for going for something great
why should i feel humbled for not doing it at all
why should i feel content with what i have
why should i stop dreaming, stop believing
there are no limits
if a dream is what is pursued
then why not achieve it
i want to achieve my passion
i want to wake up and not think that work is work
i want to be able to smile all day long
an endless amount of resources
endless amount of hope and faith
my life does not end here unless i choose for it to be
therefore i will strive to be better
i will strive to do what the lord has planned for me
i will do what i am born to do and more
live up to those expectations and beyond them
we look back and learn, but can we do more
there is so much opportunity in the world
yet we sit and wait for something to happen
make it happen
get out there and live
why not
life is short
life is a gift
cherish what you have, but dream on
live on
and get your's.
cuz i am.