worked for 12 hours.
came home.
ate dinner.
now on the couch for 2 hours.
i'm tired.
i'm drained.
too lazy to even turn on the light.

who says
it needs to be this or that way
who sets the standard
i need to be here or there
by the time i'm 25 or 50
who knows where my life will go besides god
why must i conform to what is nothing but an expectation created by prideful and caulky sons o' b*'s
that don't care about anyone else but themselves
or maybe i'm just bitter because i can't keep up
and angry because i'm bitter and sad because i envy those who can keep up
where does life lead to but to heaven or hell
who judges you but god
i'm so bitter
i don't understand life
but yet all i know is how to live
imagine who i could be
think of the impossible and make it possible
live is a blink-but if i close my eyes and never open----will it last forever?
so many things to say-words go on forever
thoughts are endless
to focus is crucial