so, i'm going to start posting a piece from my journal every wednesday. comment on it, give me feedback. but honestly, these are just stream of consciousness writings from my heart. no real structure. so be kind and if you're feelin it, great. if not, then that's ok too. here's a piece i wrote just last week at the beach.

No worries
No bothers
No needs
Just Me and Now
Me and Now
Me and Now
A soft smile thinking about pure happiness
Genuine happiness
Genuine contentment with who I am
No past
No future
Just now
Just Me alone
But not lonely
No complications
Just be
So much of 'I wants' & 'I needs'
Just be
The days come and go
The past is and the future will be
Beyond our control
An image of the "perfect..."
Perfect what?
You be you
I be me
Me and Now
I be me
Reflecting is stupid
Miss out on the good things in life by thinking too much
Just do
Just be
Extend your life
Life extensions
Life's extensions
Live life's extensions because life isn't a straight line
It is a web of thoughts, opinions, experiences, mistakes, moments and in the middle is me
Create those extensions
The possibilities are endless
Each moment created specifically for the growth of ourselves
Still not who I've become
Still becoming
Still growing
Here life goes
Ready for nothing
Expecting the unexpected
Thank you for life