Monday Night Line-Up

I got home at 1am last night, not tired at all, I caught up on my DVR. The latest episode of LIE TO ME was the SHHHHIZZ! It was so intense. I mean, even though I could fast-forward through the commercials, I was still pissed that there was commercial break. The short but sweet breakdown; a guy takes lightman hostage to prove that he did not murder his wife. They eventually find out who really did do it. However, because of his guilt, he still walked away w/ a gunshot wound. My other Monday night show is House. Right now, the show is building up in story and character beginning it's 6th season. I just got into it last season and I love all of the characters. However, instead of the weird medical cases, it's now about the main characters and their psycho lives as doctors. Still entertaining.