social networking

log on
scope the bottom right
photos of me?
no comments on my status
new status?
anything worth tagging?
social networking
now what?
stare at it until someone responds to my clever statements
because it's in real time
real time has become an internet obsession
real time is no longer real life
face to face
let's meet here and have a stimulating conversation
text me where to meet you
twitter me on what's going on this weekend
blog about the newest music
i don't write my feelings, i blog it
better yet vlog it
facebook twitter myspace blogger tumblr
digg it stumble upon youtube linked in
i get more info on my social network than anything else
i don't even know the color of anyone's eyes
i don't really know their fears, their goals
all i know is that they were really happy about something one day
and maybe they're eating a good plate a food right now
not that i'm eating that food with them
i just know, because they posted a damn picture of it
technology internet-the future
i hate it. i love it. logged on all day to chat w/ people i probably won't see in person ever
do i feel closer or do i feel even more distant
whatever it is. the future is here.
thanks for listening-or reading.