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Anyway, a coworker and I had a conversation about life in general. Where it's leading, how we were raised, and our points of views on it. Well, we were pretty much on the same page. We are both in pretty good debt. good=bad. However, we are happy with our lives. However, society tells us to save up for 50 years and go through the regular milestones in life; marriage, kids, grandkids, retirement. But by the time all of that comes around, all the saving up is done, you're too old to do anything right? You sit around all day-sip a cup of coffee, and hope you don't make a bowel movement in your depends. So why not enjoy life as it is for today? Maybe I'm just saying this because I have to and I have no choice. But today is today and tomorrow may never come. Let's live a life that was meant to be. If you want to buy a car and you have the money to do it..then fair game. If you want to take a trip to Amsterdam, just because, then whose to say you can't enjoy that for yourself? Society, society, society..tells us to be this, do that, think this, and i don't wanna. I just want to live a life that was meant for me and meant to be.