I want a wedding, not a marriage. Is the thought I had one day. I dream about my wedding day, but not the guy standing next to me. How weird is that? Most people my age are married WITH KIDS! How crazy is that? I'm not even close to either. I'm not worried. I'm focused on my career and what comes next. Does that mean my social life is put on the back-burner? Is there a possibility to have both? I just watched Bride Wars for the 2nd time, and oh how I love thee. It's a cute story, with an awesome soundtrack. I've got maybe a handful of girlfriends and I think my wedding would be a sick a$$ party.

In other news, it's December. It's almost Christmas. It's almost 2010. Where did the time go? As I get older, time flies faster. The next few months will be filled with fam bams, snowboarding, and of course work. But I'm thankful for life. Breathe. The pursuit of happYness. Hope everyone has a great holiday.