if you wanted to know...

..so i have come to the conclusion that i do not open up to ..well..no one. i have literally a handful of best friends. and when it comes to meeting new people it takes a long time to really really get to know me. so not that you asked, not that you might want to know..this is more for me. here are a few things about me if you'd care to know a bit more.

. i got my motorcycle license the weekend before i moved back to cali from hawaii, just because. and i still do not own a bike.
. i hate being proactive. i live in the moment. this trait has gotten me into debt.
. i'll say yes to practically anything. i hate disappointing people. it's ok if they disappoint me though. maybe it's insecurity. it's something i'm working on though.
. i love love love nachos
. relationships are far and few between - but i love to love and love to be loved. i've only loved twice.
. i care about my brother & sister more than anything in this world.
. there's a part of me that wants to be a bartender/piercer/tattoo artist in another country just so i can wear what i want and not deal w/ corporate b.s.
. i feel awkward when i get compliments. i shy away and don't know what to say.
. i hate people who yearn for attention or feel sorry for themselves. i just want to punch you in the face.
. i know i'm really good at listening and giving solutions to life's problems, but i can't even solve my own
. i want to marry a snowboarder in tahoe
. i hate it when i like a guy - b/c i can't control my feelings.
. if it came down to my last $5...yes..i would give up food for cigarettes.
. i judge people by the shoes they're wearing. not all the time..but i do.
. sex.is.good.
. i wish i had a boyfriend today. tomorrow may be different.
. the only time i like working out is when i'm having fun. the gym is not fun.
. i'm terrified of turning 30. not because of the number, but because i don't want to look back and regret that i didn't take more chances in life
. i haven't set real goals for myself in the past 3 years
. i have really bad short term memory. i can't remember what we talked about yesterday-but i will remember what you wore to that party 10 years ago.

that's it for now. maybe i will come up w/ more later.