June is looking quite slim in the social nightlife networking type thing.  July is looking a bit more promising.  But August is where it gets CRAZY.  I haven't been going out at all this much.  1st, I am saving up for VEGAS in July with some friends.  It's my 1st time there over the age of 21.  I can't wait!  It seems like my generation is the generation that treats Vegas like a 2nd home.  And I haven't even stepped inside yet.  August is my birthday month.  I will also be attending my friend's wedding which will sort of be like a reunion for a lot of Vallejoans.  There is also the Outside Lands festival in August.  Which sounds like a blast on the 2nd day.  And then of course.  The infamous Rock the Bells featuring MS. LAURYN HILL.  Can I save enough money by then?  Most of these event tickets are on sale this week and I can barely afford spaghetti.  I just bought a new phone and will be paying a shitload of bills by next week.  Where do people get their $ from?  I work a pretty a decent job-salary + commission but can barely take care of myself.  Does anyone have the secret to success???