Oooh. the gym.  How I've learned to love thee.  The gym and I have had an on/off relationship.  We've reunited after about 8 months.  Yes, I now think I'm back on track.  I've been going consistently for about 3 weeks now.  2-3 times, which I plan to increase slowly.  Maybe it's because I am determined to get fit before my trip to Vegas this week.  Who cares?  It's all about getting in shape and getting healthy.  2 things I hate about the gym; 1. When it's crowded. 2.  When I have to wait for a machine.  Other than that the gym is a great place for me to relieve stress and work towards my goal weight.  I hate weighing myself, but I'm pretty sure I'm losing weight.  Clothes fit a bit looser and I'm getting compliments at work.  So I know I'm doing something right.  My problem is I have really bad ADD.  I get bored easily.  I need to change it up once in awhile.  Instead of the gym, maybe a run on the beach, or a hike?  I don't have a weight-loss plan right now.  All I know I have to workout at least 4-5 times a week if I want to get fit the right way.  I've been watching what I'm eating and drinking of plenty of water.  Wish me luck on this journey towards washboard abs and an ass that won't quit.