An addiction I can't control, but I think I can.  If I really sit and think about it, I smoke the most cigarettes when someone else asks me to smoke.  I know so many smokers, and so many people know I smoke.  I guess I'm that go-to-gal to satisfy their social nicotine fix.  But I still have the post-meal smoke, the 'i'm stressed out' smoke, and the 'i'm so drunk i need a stoge' smoke.  So can't blame it all on other people.  As for as health, I think I'm more fit than some people who don't even smoke.  That's no excuse though.  I remember when I first started smoking, it was all for social reasons; at the club and w/ friends.  Then, I bought my first pack and anytime I needed a break at work, I would smoke w/ everyone else.  A very bad habit, and I'm not proud of it.  It feels even worse when older generations tell me that smoking is so bad for me.  I know I know.  One day I'll quit.  For's an addiction that's going to continue, sorry to say.