This was my lunch.  A falafel sandwich my coworkers got me.  At first they were going to get philly cheesesteaks, and I yelled out, "But I'm on a diet!!"  So they decided to get something healthier. They said it's vegetarian and it's all natural ingredients.  It was sooo good.  But then I again I hadn't eaten anything since 8am and lunch was at 3p.  This morning I had a mini-bagel again w/ jack cheese, cream cheese, and a tomato.  For a snack I had a fiber bar.  I'm hungry again right now.  I want my leftover spinach rolls-which I was supposed to have for lunch today.

Dinner this evening was probably not the healthiest, but we were way too lazy to cook.  We had Ono Hawaiian Bbq.  I had chicken katsu noodle soup.  I know - a little cheat. But oh well.