DAY 1 cont...

My workout tonight was Just Dance 2. 8 songs (about 40 minutes).

I also bought a scale.  Not at all happy with my weight.  It also tells me my body fat, muscle %, and something else.  For dinner I ate left over Chinese food - probably not the smartest move.  I will do some grocery shopping tomorrow.  I've also realized that I will definitely need to be losing more than 40 if I want to hit my goal weight.  Pray for me! 

I have to remember to drink water and take my vitamins.  Grrr!  I hate being disciplined.  But I guess it's necessary if I want to be in good health.  I'm not getting any younger. I'm pretty scared too because every time I start something like this - I'm good for like a week, and then it trails off.  But I will dedicate my life and health to this. Seriously!!!