So I woke up early this morning to have breakfast.  My boyfriend made gluten free blueberry pancakes the other day and we wanted to finish them.  Didn't put any syrup on them and ate about 3 small ones.  Also had a cup of coffee (2 packets of via w/ hazelnut creamer).  I have a rockstar energy cola that I haven't cracked open yet, but I probably will in an hour or so.  I plan on getting off early today, I want to hit the gym or do a run on the beach.  If not, I will definitely do some sort of work out today, right after work. 

I told my boyfriend that he can't see my weight until I'm comfortable with it..which probably won't be for another 3 months. =( 

I did 8-minute abs last night. I downloaded the app on my phone, but it's only level 1.  However, I think that's all I need for right now.  I plan on doing 8-minute abs every night.  My tummy sticks out - not cute.

oh oh! And I weighed myself this morning and it was a 4 pound difference.  What the heck?  My bf said the weight myself in the morning and right before I work out.  I gotta google this...I always thought I should weight myself 1st thing in the morning..

Just finished pure cardio on Insanity.  I'm beat!  I think I'm gonna do 8 minute abs right now...but hot damn..gotta catch my breathe.