Grr, I'm so mad.  I missed 8 minute abs yesterday!  I'm so glad I worked out right when I got home because all I did for the rest of the night was be lazy.  For dinner I got a chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle (my fave!).  And only 640 calories. 

This morning I had 2 hard-boiled eggs and this egg scramble from the hotel for breakfast and a cup of apple juice.  For lunch, I'll do somethin' light.  Maybe another sandwich or a salad from across the street.  My boyfriend just called and said he has a craving for sriracha wings.  We've cooked them before, they're on hit!  Anyway, tonight - another workout of pure cardio from insanity.

For lunch a customer bought me a roastbeef sandwich...but it was on WHEAT!  weak!!!  I ate half already.  No itching yet.  Another customer gave me a cookie.  (one small cheat)  And my coworker gave me a San Pellegrino orange soda. Yum! 

My legs are sore from insanity.  Can't wait to DIG DEEPER today! (As Sean T. would say)