DAY 6 (&5)

Did not have time to do anything yesterday because I was at the Niner game..and I won $50!  Yey!

Not all was lost, I watched what I ate.  I had some steak, a little bit of pasta, chips, & guac.  It was sooo hot!  We tail-gated around 11a and watched the game and left during the 3rd quarter.  We were so drunk, we passed out as soon as we got home.  I got up around 1030p, and ate half of a vietnamese sandwich, drank some water, and took 4 advils.  You can probably guess I did not workout.

It's Monday, beginning of a new week.  This morning I had a scrambled egg, sausage patty, hard boiled egg, and a cup of juice.  I weighed myself this morning, in total from last wednesday I lost 6 pounds. 

For lunch, I got a roast beef sandwich and I just ate a bag of chili cheese fritos (the only chips that are gluten free).

I ate half of my roastbeef sandwich around 1p.  Not hungry yet.  But I am bored.  I've been searching online to see what kind of exercises I can do while sitting in a chair.  Workin out those abs...