I just watched a video that was taken during an outting to San Francisco with my boyfriend and siblings.  It was not a pretty sight.  I look over-weight, I walk like I'm over-weight and my clothes are tighter than ever.  This is unnacceptable.  I've decided to take control of this situation and the only command is: GETTTERDUN!  I can't keep going on like this.  I've got my meal plans set, exercise schedule set, and cycles set.  Today is a weigh-in, 1200 calorie intake meals, and 1 hour of cardio. 

For dinner we had grilled chicken breasts, Cous Cous, and green beams. We also went grocery shopping for the next 7 days. The plan is to shop every paycheck. I spend $100 for 3 meals for 10 days. That's about $3.33 per meal. Not bad.

We went to the gym and did the bicycle for 30 min which burned about 250 calories.