30 before 30 (draft)

So here's the list; so far.........

1. Indoor sky-diving (because I've already done the real thing.)
2. Lose 60 pounds
3. Start vlog; have 15 videos done.
4. Photographry start-up (more details on this to come)
5. Take bus/muni for absolutely no reason at all - all day.
6. Get a mani & pedi (for the 1st time ever!)
7. Save $_,___ for a rainy day
8. Take a hip hop class
9. Master a war video game; COD, Modern Warfare, etc.
10.1 international trip - done or planned.
11.Snowboard in 3 different states
12.Creat photo/memory books with ALL digital and hard photos
13. Read the entire Bible.
14.Write an entire song.
16.Half dome
18.Mardi Gras in New Orleans
19.Pay off 1-2 credit cards
20.Organize my external hard drive