CYCLE 1 - DAY 15

Whoa! 6 days - no update!  And what happens when I don't update?  It means I haven't been on track.  I didn't work out all last week.  I haven't been pigging out, but I haven't been working out.  Today my plan is to hit up a the 24 hour in Daly City.  I absolutely HATE 24 hour on Ocean.  It's dirty, smelly, and all the machines are broken.  It's way too crowded after work.  When I've tried to go there later, around 10p, it's moist and the ceilings are dripping.  Soooo gross!  I gained 2 pounds - but let's be real here; I haven't worked out.  So cycle 1 is almost over and I've only lost 4 pounds.  Cycle 2 will be re-adjusted with new goals.