CYCLE 1 - DAY 6 & 7

I skipped out on working out Monday AND Tuesday!  This is harder than it looks.  I have my holiday party this weekend, and am not excited about shopping for a dress.  Watching what I eat is easy.  It's the working out that's difficult.  Let me break it down:

6:30a - Wake up/shower - rush out the door
7:40a - Start the day at work, scarf down a cup of coffee, yogurt & granola from the hotel
8a-6p - Sit on my fat ass all day in front of a computer and work. 
1p - I'll squeeze a lunch or a snack in
6p - On my way home in traffic
7p - Change and sit, eat dinner
10p - Attempt to work out, then decide not to.
11p/12a - Sleep

Then do it all over again the next day.

So I have 3 hours from the time I get home to when I sleep to work out for a half hour.  Yesterday, I went to boyfriend's  house and he watched Netflix while I slept.  We got back to my house at 10a and he looked at me and said, "I guess we're not going to the gym today."  He scarfed down 2 of my home-made ferrero rocher's that I made and drank a beer.  No bueno. 

So consistency is key here people.  We went grocery shopping last week.  All of the food we bought was healthy and kept us under our daily calorie intake.  HOWEVER!  Some days don't happen like that.  My mom came over this week and cooked for us so we at that instead.  This is a struggle...but I need to blog about it and keep myself accountable.  So whether it not this happens I'm still going to tell everyone about it.  At least I know there are people just like me struggling with the same thing.