How to make a 30-BEFORE-30 list

As I am reading other blogs of the same kind I've picked up a few tips, and do's and don'ts when putting this together. 

1. Don't set yourself up for failure. 
But then again, you don't want to set goals that are too easy to accomplish.  Think of something that has a lengthy timeline depending on how long you have until you're 30.  If you have only a year left, don't say you want to Travel the World.  I mean, if you have the time and money, by all means, go for it.  But let's be realistic here.  If you're a 9-5 career driven woman, is this really going to happen?  Instead, put something like, Plan a trip to Europe.  And include sub-points such as; buy the airline ticket, book the hotel, attractions I definitely can't miss. 

2. Make your goals measurable. 
There was a blog that said, Take more pictures.  Well, if you think about it, there is no way to measure if you are or aren't.  And there is no way to hold you accountable.  Instead say something like, Capture 5 events with a photo or video camera, and put together an album or video for each of them.  There is a realistic goal.  It is specific to the original.  You can measure it, and you know when you have accomplished it.  This way you can track your progress.

3. Set goals that you WANT to do and is taylored to your personality
I know that this list is of things that you want to do.  However, are they things that you've actually wanted to do in life?  Or are you just filling it #13 on the list because you can't think of anything else?  I saw a blog that had; Plant a tree, make 1000 paper cranes.  I mean, these sounds like great things to accomplish, but they sound cliche as well.  I mean, are you really going to sit and fold paper every day until you're 30?  And, we don't live in the 60s anymore, planting a tree is possible but if you don't really have a connection to do it, I don't think it will be an accomplishment that you would appreciated.  Instead, if you're in to nature, what about doing something like, Grow a vegetable garden.  It's something that you will apprecate and utilize.

4. This is NOT a to-do list.
So you, Saw a play, took a photography class, and baked a cake.  And then what?  Are these goals that you have set for yourself things that will help you progress to be a better person?  Will you use these skills for the future?  Maybe to advance in your career?  Make goals that will mean something to your future.  If you're an aspiring culinary artist, maybe Take a culinary class, or, if you're an aspiring photographer; Book my first photoshoot.  Again, you are not limited to just that.  Small goals will need to be set to accomplish this such as marketing, advertising, networking, and creating a portfolio. 

5. DO IT! 
I have come across a few blogs that have failed to accomplish all 30 tasks before they turn 30.  I would hate for anyone to set these wonderful goals for themselves only to look at half the list is not crossed out while they're blowing out their candles.  It is not priority, it's a passion.  It's like losing weight, if you don't really want to do it, you won't.  So don't fool yourself.  Be realistic and good luck!

And there you have it, 5 simple rules to successfully complete a 30 before 30 list or a 40 before 40 or whatever goals you set for yourself.  Thanks for reading....