I moved back to California from Hawaii in 2007.  Since then, I've lived in San Mateo and San Francisco.  The things that have stayed the same: my furniture.  The house I live in now is pretty small; probably average size to a San Franciscan.  Any way, I have decided to do some organizing and go with the saying; OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE KINDA NEW.  I love love love craigslist!  It's like an online flea market - gotta do some real digging to find the hidden treasures.  I'm a huge Ikea fan (who isn't??) and I've found some real nice things; dining table w/ chairs: $50, 2 black cabinets: $20, 8 ikea shelves: $8, Ikea wardrobe: $50.  All of my old furniture I've given away to open up some space and give it a fresh new look.