HCG - P1D1

Took my first dose of HCG this morning.  It is loading day so I'm free to eat whatever I want. I won't post my beginning weight just yet. (still insecure about that #).  I took half of the dropper (about 20 drops) under my tongue just as the instructions said.  I will post a current picture sometime today.

I'm going to get some B12 complex vitamins and drink some green tea as well. Here we go!

***********Update (3:25p)**************

I took the drops around 7:30a this morning.  Throughout the day I felt a bit woozy.  I had a big lunch - chinese food. One thing I wasn't expecting was a bloody nose!! I freaked the hell out!  My boyfriend looked it up and he said it was a side effect - but not a common one.  I haven't been that hungry and my stomach has been feeling a little funny.  But nothing that I'm going to worry about. I'm planning on taking my 2nd does just before dinner. I've been reading a lot of reviews and they have all said that the drops should be refrigerated.  So I threw them in the fridge as soon as I got home today.  More updates to come.