Ok, so the other day it was one of those, "Let's veg on the couch and watch a movie day."  Well, the age-old question came up -- 'What do you want to watch?'  A specific movie came in to mind and given all of the portals to watch a movie I was unable to find it.  What happens when I want to watch a SPECIFIC movie?  I can't go out and rent it, it's not yet on Netflix, On Demand charges an arm and a leg for it, and it's not even at Redbox.  I must say in this day and age our generation has been spoiled with free streaming, and the ability to customize our preferences at the click of a mouse.  Nevertheless, what if one day I want to watch, oh I don't know --- Star Wars?  Would I have to go out and buy it?  Or go to one of those sketchy-may catch a virus on my computer-websites just for 3-hours of entertainment?  It just doesn't make any sense.  I don't want these websites to choose for me.  I feel like I have freedom to choose, but are limited to my choices.  What up with that? So -- can we get the old days back?  Where's a website that's like Redbox, rent ANY movie I want for $1.25?