So I've got this bookshelf:
It's called EXPEDIT from Ikea.  It's in my living room and has been very useful.  However, it's got random things in it ..and no books.  There's shoes, my dog's stuff, cleaning supplies etc.  So I need to figure out a way to cover it up.  I bought one insert that's made for it (pictured below).

Here's the thing - each insert is $25!  That's $200 for 8 squares!  I might as well buy a whole new bookshelf!  There are a few things I can do - add a curtain rod of some sort, or panels from Ikea.  OR -- I can do this!

I've been eyeing this for awhile.  These aren't even in production yet.  This guy invented it and is looking for funding on it.  I can't wait until these area available.  I just found a bunch of old records from when my mom was cleaning out her garage.  Until then I may just do the curtain thing. booooo!  But oh well. I want my living room to look tidy.