In my previous post I talked about how I wanted to cover up my messy Expedit bookcase.

So, I made a trip to the abfab Ikea store in Emeryville and did some exploring.  I found the cheapest curtain rod and brackets.  You can get fabric cut at Ikea, but I didn't like any of the patterns or designs.  So I got some fabric at Joann's (another one of my favorite stores) and thus results in this:


Curtain rod from Ikea (I can't remember the name of it - TROLIG) (1.99 -on sale!)
Curtain rod rings (free from my mom)
2 yards of fabric (7.99x2)

Total: $21
Total time: 2 hours

The curtain rod was originally silver and I painted it with some chocolate brown acrylic paint.  The fabric - I cut it in half and used fabric glue to make the ends more presentable.  The brackets were really easy to use - just screw it on.  And they're adjustable.  I should've bought more so I can use it for the window in my room (my next project).  Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome.  I also bought 2 boxes that fit inside the squares to put my shoes in.  I couldn't resist - originally $5 - but at the AS IS section for $2.40!  Insider tip: take pictures of all the cool things you see or want to buy, grab them in the marketplace -- but head over to the AS IS section and see if they're there.  Most of the items are in new condition.  I bought 3 lamps for 5/ea!  OOOOH Ikea --- you seize to amaze me!