HCG - R1P2D10

TODAY - -3
TOTAL - -7

Sunday was the so-called cheat day. Cheat days are my enemy!  I vow never to cheat again..while I'm on this diet that is. It feels like I lost 3 days.  Now I'm back on track.

I've finally made this blog public.  I shared it with my twitter folks and family through email. This stupid dynamic view won't let me add a widget so you can subscribe through email - so I'm still working on changing the template.  But I've already gotten some great feedback.  Some people are very concerned about the 500 calorie intake.  And I'm pretty sure it's not going to end there.  I don't mind - it's totally understandable for people to be concerned.  I was also concerned at first.  If anything funky happens - of course I won't continue HCG.  For now - it's working and I feel great!  I've got a lot of energy and am hardly hungry!

I skipped dinner last night - no bueno. I mean - I'm just not hungry.  I know that's not so wise -- and I'm a bit obsessive right now.  I'll hop back on board tonight.  Now that we got a stove!!!  It's so pretty and new!

Today's agenda - grocery shopping, and maybe an Ikea run.