HCG - R1P2D12

Today: -.4

We ate at restaurant called HERBIVORE. It was my first vegetarian restaurant EVER! My first question when I looked at the menu; "WHY IS THERE MEAT ON HERE?" Chicken, beef?  I was so confused.  I guess it's a substitute type thing.  Anyway - we had spring rolls, hummus, and I had a Soy Chicken Shawarma wrap.  And I gotta be honest -- it was GOOD!  And filling!  Definitely a lot of food and I wasn't stuffed afterwards.  Don't think I can ever be a vegetarian - but I definitely wouldn't mind coming to this place again.  Didn't really follow the HCG protocol - but I definitely ate healthy. If you're a carnivore like me -- SEITAN is not pronounced - SATAN.  It's pronounced - SAY-TAN!  Don't get it twisted.

Chicken & Beef on a vegetarian menu?? whaaa??
Chicken Shawarma wrap

Demolished hummus with pickles --- soooo good!