HCG - R1P2D14 (Vegetarian again)

TODAY: -1.2
TOTAL: -11.8

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful, intelligent, kind, and caring mother!!!  Thank you for everything you've done for me.  I love you!

Today I thought I was going out with my mom, but turns out she had plans with her mom.  No worries - it kind of saved me a trip to Vallejo.

We ended up eating at another vegetarian place - SOURCE.  I had a spicy pepper onion burger and for apps - buffalo bites, and Chili Pizza.  Gotta admit - my 2nd vegan experience in a row and I think I'm hooked.

Afterwards I was in the mood for coffee so we hit up Philz on Division and Market.  It was a pretty nice afternoon. I had Iced Ecstatic with skim milk, lightly sweetened.  Perfect for a big post meal to satisfy my sweet tooth and keep me from falling in to a food coma.

It's been about 9 hours since we at lunch and I'm still full. I think I might've gained at least a pound, but I'm not worried.  Back to basics come Monday.