HCG - R1P2D16 (GAINED! =( )

TODAY: +2.2
TOTAL: -8.6

Ok, I'm not going to get discouraged.  This was bound to happen.  The forbidden: PLATEAU!  As my boyfriend said - "It's time to hit that cardio! Can't avoid it now!"  As much as I don't want to admit it - he's right. (yuck - saying that tasted like vinegar!)  I even forgot to take my drops this morning.  Geez - when it rains - it pours.  I don't care what people say - I'm skipping dinner tonight.  Dinner last night was great - ground beef and kale cooked in chicken broth. Yum!  And lunch was chicken, spinach, pico, and a tomato.  I'm tellin' you - chicken broth flavors up any meal.  It was deelish.

My exercise plan is going to be simple. I'm going to follow this plan everyday to help the HCG out.