TODAY: -1.4
TOTAL: -11

I've been holding steady for the past few days.  I have been eating a few bigger meals than usual.  Yesterday I had a steak salad and ceviche at LA MISSION.  Food was ok.  I asked for no cheese or beans on my salad, but they forgot my salsa.  I had tortilla chips with my ceviche.  Last night, I wanted to skip dinner - but I was tempted to eat because my boyfriend was hungry.  So I made ground beef lettuce wraps.  Super simple.  But dinner was late.

I worked out for the 1st time during my time on HCG.  We did that run of exercises that I posted earlier and then 8 minute abs from a free APP - LOLO EASY FREE ABS.  Really cool app - it talks to you, counts the reps for you, and motivates you in the end.  The coolest thing is - it plays your own music in the background.  Planning on continuing with this app everyday.

Can't wait to work out today!!!  

I want to be 25 pounds total lighter at the end of this round!