TODAY: -1.2
TOTAL: -12.2

Last night's dinner was an awesome alternative to mashed potatoes - MASHED CAULIFLOWER made by my wonderful boyfriend.  We had some steak to compliment it.  He mashed up the cauliflower in my handy dandy magic bullet, and cooked it down in chicken broth - nom nom nom - my mouth is watering as I type this!  It was deelish!  If I didn't know any better - I would've thought they were potatoes!  He's so good at plating!  When I cook - I throw it on the plate without a 2nd guess.  I'm just going to demolish anyway!  But he makes his food so pretty.  Every meal feels so special when he cooks!

I worked out for the 2nd day in a row and I'm feelin' good and feelin' great.  I want to ease in to working out and I want it to be my choice.  I have some sort of weird feeling towards working out (stems from a tough childhood of being forced to jog and exercise when I was 8 years old).  So I like that I can do it when I want and how I want.  Today I'll be getting off of work slightly early - the weather is perfect for a mild jog/walk.  Maybe I'll take Miss Jackson.  She's a crazy little firecracker.  I know she'll outrun me because we never take her outside.

I finally got my purple tuneband the other day and used it for the 1st time yesterday.  I love it!  I was doing some crazy jumping moves and pushups last night and I could barely feel it on my arm.  It doesn't move or anything.  I have to write a review on it!  Other than that - the weekend looks promising.  We're trying to get back in to hiking.  It's too nice to stay in and do housework.