TODAY: +1.2
TOTAL: -11.2

Ok, so we went hiking yesterday at Blithedale Ridge.  Tough to find because of all the windy roads.  In total it was 7 miles!  Holy smokes!  According to myfitnesspal (free app on iphone) - hiking 7 miles for 4 hours burned about 2000 calories!  I probably ate about 1000 yesterday - coffee, salad, sandwich for breakfast and lunch.  We had a snack at my mom's: tilapia and veggies.  Then I was super starved on the way home to SF, so I got a protein style, no cheese, double burger.

I was so pissed to see the scale this morning.  I can't win! I'm maintaining - but maintaining is not even close to where I want to be.  Oh well, back to Monday grind, eating right and exercising.  I think people may be tired with the pictures of food I've been eating - so here are a few from my phone that I took.  I'll upload more on my other blog as soon as I get enough energy to download them from my DSLR.  Sometimes uploading and downloading pictures can be such a tedious task.  I just get distracted when choosing which pictures to upload, and I end up just browsing and looking at them.  BTW - anyone see that solar eclipse yesterday?