TODAY: +.6
TOTAL: -10.6

I weighed myself this morning and almost cried.  I wish I would've recognized it sooner--it's the dreaded plateau.  My awesome boyfriend saw how sad I was and did some research for me.  He sent me a few articles on this subject and I should not worry.  I guess I have to eat a shi* load of apples or something.  I've got to be honest though - I'm so sad and most of all PISSED!  I've literally been eating like a bird and I haven't gotten anywhere!

Ok, but here's the silver lining.  The articles say that everyone will hit a plateau.  As long as I'm not gaining-then I guess I can accept that.  One of the articles said that all of the seasonings we have been using have a crap load of calories in them too-geez!  I guess I can be EVEN MORE disciplined with this stupid diet.  I hate it but I love it.