TODAY: -1.6
TOTAL: -12.2

I think I understand this thing now.  Yesterday - I didn't work out but I ate 3 P2 approved meals.  It's true - you really can't cheat.  It's such a hassle because you bounce back and forth - lose a pound, then gain 2, then lose 1.  It's not even worth it.  In the past few days I haven't been drinking as much as water either.  So, the forums are true - stick to it!  Don't cheat!

Last night I made a p2 approved chili - really simple;

-ground beef
-chopped onions
-chopped tomoatoes
-chopped garlic
-beef broth
-seasonings: garlic salt, cayenne, paprika, oregano, red pepper flakes, pepper

Super delicious.  Forgot to take a picture of it - but you get the jist.

I was really happy today stepping on that scale!  I am running out of drops.  I think I only have enough for 1 more day.  But it's only day 24.  Hmm. I  guess I'm going to have to cut this round early.