TOTAL: -13.2

Yesterday - coffee, salad, left over chili.
I made a strawberry smoothie for dessert, then green tea before bed.

salad from my customer! i took out the cheese of course!

p2 approved chili with cabbage and grissini sticks

Lovin' this right now!  I ran out of drops - but I had another bottle.  So I just cracked that one open so I can finish 30 full days.  I'll buy 2 more pretty soon.  I know I have P3 in a week so I know I have time.

My boyfriend is on P3 right now and he's a little confused on what to eat.  I think he's nervous to eat anything right now because he doesn't want to gain.

Oh! So I read that apple days are great for a plateau.  So I hit up my local Safeway and they had apple slices! 2 for $5!  One little quirk about me - I don't/can't slice fruit.  Well I can, but they come out looking crazy and no longer delicious.  I'm so happy that Safeway had sliced apples ready to go in a bag for me!!  I may do an apple day for fun some time this week. We'll see.