HCG - R1P2D26 (It's getting easier!)

TODAY - -1.8
TOTAL - -15

I am in such a great mood today.  Stepping on that scale and seeing another 1.8 down after 26 days it's awesome!!!  I got to finally put another 2 marbles in the 'other jar'.  I did so well yesterday -

breakfast: coffee
snack: apple slices, lunch
lunch: chicken strawberry spinach salad
dinner: chipotle*

instagram filter - pretty right?

mmm chipotle - nom nom nom.

*So, you're probably thinking -- chipotle???! Yes! Chipotle! I like to call it CHIPOT-LLS for some reason.  I like to add S's to everything (*squirrel*).  Anyway, it's a very simple meal but filling and only 295 calories.  I love the Chipotle website because there is a nutritional calculator which figures out how many calories your meal is by the ingredients you're putting in.  So I got a salad with chicken, fajita veggies, and all 3 salsas.  By the last couple bites I was already so full.  This is one of the few restaurants I can eat at without feeling guilty or having to take half an hour to decide what's 'good' for me to eat.

I opened up my 2nd bottle of HCG and I'm going to keep going.  I read an article that said with the alternative or homeopathic hcg you can go as long as you want before P3.  Of course I'm not going to go 5 months straight ---I'll go nuts if I did!  But, I know now it's not 'unhealthy' for me to stay on it for longer than 30 days.  Besides - I'm not craving food at all and this whole VLCD has become part of my life now.  I am nervous for when I'm off of it.  I am so scared of gaining it all back!  But I think I'm ready to cut out carbs permanently.  I can't risk anything and I DON'T WANT to risk anything.

This weekend is going to be pretty crazy at work, but that's not going to get in the way of watching what I eat.  Anyway -- HAPPY MEMORIAL WEEKEND!!!