HCG - R1P2D4

TODAY: 0.6

Ok a few things happened within the span of 24 hours and I am so disappointed in myself.  I read the label wrong on the tilapia.  I thought it said: 3 fillets=1 serving=97 calories.  Incorrect! It's 3 oz. TO 1 SERVING=97 CALORIES!  I ended up eating 5 fillets! For a whopping total of 485 calories!!!!  I was soooo mad at myself!!!  Then to top it all off, I forgot to take my drops this morning!  I Google'd some forums and they said that it's ok and to take them when I get home.  I think I need to start bringing them to work. 

Anyway, enough stress - here's my fatty dinner last night.... 

tilapia-lemon juice/various spices
spinach salad(pico/tomatoes/cucumbers), chicken broth & dill dressing

Geez, I feel like a fatty.  Maybe it's all in my head.  I will admit that I am hungry.  Almost starving.  But after a gulp of water or some fruits I'm back to normal.  No side effects or funky business going on either.  I want to start exercising - but this San Francisco May weather is bummin me out.