HCG - R1P2D5

TODAY: -2.2
TOTAL: -5.4

So, my landlord is doing some refinancing on our house and he took out our stove.  And he just told us that we're getting a new one! yay!  It's kind of a good thing because it forces us to be creative and not want to cook as much as we would like.  Last night - we were out of lettuce/salad and all we had were green beans.  We both had chicken for lunch and didn't want to double the meats for dinner.  We had a weird concoction; tuna, green beans, and cherry tomatoes seasoned w/ anything that would make it taste good.  Not the best dinner, but it was fine.  Definitely won't make that again.  I felt like a broke-ass college student again.  I guess I can compare this diet to that.  

Not much to update today - no pictures.  I probably will be going grocery shopping again today.  I hope my stove comes in today.  

This weekend I have a challenge - I will be going to a festival with my best friend to promote her new product line: BABY ON A BOARD  .  Hit her up if want some cool decals for your car or what not.  However, it is a day festival in Lodi with probably a lot of food that I'm going to have to pass up! =(