HCG - R1P2D8

TODAY - +2.4

I know cheat days are absolutely not allowed on this diet.  But I was able to resist ---- a little bit.  Instead of hot dogs, and teriyaki bowls - I opted in for fish tacos.  Instead of Gatorade and soda - I drank water.  It's give and take.  I kind of blew it all up when I went to my mom's house.  All bad!  I had rice, fried chicken, and half a hotdog.  hahaha!  The hell??!!!  I was sooo hungry and tired from the festival I just didn't G.A.F. With all that being said I know now that I can do this for sure.  Yes - I gained.  Yes - I didn't hit my goal of losing 10 pounds in a week.  However!  The big picture is - I can do this!  I have no doubts that I'll be able to lose A LOT of weight by the end of this round.

Lunch today: chicken salad from Brazil Cafe in Berkeley.