Slowly, but Surely.

It's been just over 3 months since I've posted anything. 

Within those 3 months I have gotten promoted to a busier location and haven't any time whatsoever to update my blog.  Shame on me!

But don't start thinking that I've fallen off. Nope not at all.

As of today my total pounds lost: 38

It's been slow, but I have maintained.  I am on a maintenance phase right now and will probably start the next bottle within a week or so.  I started at the gym again.  Yes - it's been 3 months since I've gone.  I have NEVER been able to go to the gym alone; call it insecurity.  Now that I am somewhat comfortable with my body - I went to the gym alone just the other day! 

I got some cute work out clothes and ready to move on to this next stage in my life.  GO ME! 

A quick update, but yes - I am still here and still kickin'. 

I have a trip to Hawaii planned at the end of November and hope to lose 20 more pounds by then. 

Here we go!